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outstanding Harvard business school application essay

The process of enrolling at the Harvard Business School MBA program can be really challenging. It is one of the top business schools in the world. It unites the really best students, so you have to make a lot of effort to get your place.

You will need not only outstanding academic achievements and high GMAT scores. One of the important steps is to submit an essay in which you explain why you should become one of Harvard students.

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In fact, you should answer the question: “What else would you like the admissions officers to know about your candidacy for the Harvard Business School?” And we are ready to provide you with a brief guide with essay tips that will help you to make the grade at this task.

What does the committee expect from you?

The admission committee expectations are not a secret. You should look for this information on the Internet or chat with the graduates of your business program.

For example, you might be interested in the opinion of Karla Cohen, the Harvard Business School former associate director. According to her, HBS is interested in bright, loyal, and purposeful candidates. Harvard offers a very intense and dynamic program. It is very important that you progress faster than your peers, quickly master new information, and demonstrate outstanding results. That’s why they provide you with an essay question. 

Karla also notes that candidates should be interested not only in a lucrative business career. Harvard is looking for people with deeper career goals. They should want to change the world. This means that if you have high ambitions, you should write about your future career path in your business school essay.

What mistakes should you avoid?

You may think that your MBA application is a resume. But it’s not true.

The admissions committee receives hundreds and even thousands of applications from first-class students. This means that you need to stand out among them. Your main task is to make your essay interesting, to persuade the committee to consider your candidacy.

The goal of a Harvard MBA essay is to share your personal story. You shouldn’t describe your biography, academic achievements, test score, and all those facts that are already in your application.

Instead, you can focus on the factors that helped shape your personality. For example, you failed once and made certain conclusions from this. Or you have experienced some valuable experience that changed your life. 

Such stories will help you make personal contact with the committee. This is your opportunity to show ambitiousness and extraordinary. It’s not enough just to say that you are a leader. It is important to tell a story that confirms your leadership qualities.

Read some essay samples

Read HBS essays written by business school applicants who succeeded in the past years. This will help you understand why they deserve this place. Analyze them carefully to find some features that make their papers special. 

Have no time for tons of assignments?

Besides, you will see that they’re not perfect. They’re just honest and sincere. 

You shouldn’t copy someone else’s paper because it will not make you unique. But you can be inspired to create your own awesome essay.

Proofread your paper

Proofread your paper

You should be pretty attentive before the essay submission. Review your application, read it several times. Get rid of any mistakes, make sure you adhered to the word limit.

If you don’t know which requirements they have, contact an MBA admissions consultant with your questions. 

Use professional writing help as a leverage

If you experience too much excitement due to the admission process, don’t despair. Perhaps you don’t have good writing skills that will help you prepare an interesting and impressive paper. But this doesn’t mean that you are a poor candidate for Harvard Business School.

You probably have other talents. You can be a terrific entrepreneur and have a mission important to society. You can be an inspiring leader who can create new products.

And if the only thing that separates you from your dream is one essay, you should take professional help.

You can send the requirements of the admissions committee to the author and get an essay written from scratch. This will be a high-quality, well-structured, and unique paper that will show you as the best candidate.

Of course, you should make a list of your qualities, analyze your biography, and find a few points that deserve attention. A professional writer uses this information to create an impressive story about you. This will significantly increase your chances of entering Harvard Business School!

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